Having a passion for yourself is the greatest gift.


Why, hello there! My name is Chris, a Baltimore native, coming to your handheld or desktop screen! So, what does Feed the Weird mean?

Well, I have been called weird all of my life. It’s a word that has stuck to my skin and used to describe me by mostly everyone I meet. And for the longest time, it used to hurt me…

It was a word that I couldn’t stand to be near. To be associated with. Something I considered dirty, unwelcoming, and a barrier against the people I went to school with, worked with, and even my family. I never even acknowledged the power of this word in my life until the day I let it go. Accepting this word as part of my definition, it grew on me and became somewhat of a symbol. Whether people got it or not.

There will always be a part of me that knows that I am weird, different, a step outside of the box. And maybe you are. Maybe that’s what brought you here.

Although I am by no means an expert at any given topic, I am quite acquainted with the essence of me. And if my stories can help you get closer to the essence of you, that’s what Feed the Weird is here for.

Because realizing what you are as a gift instead of a hindrance is pretty DARN awesome!


Business inquires: feedyourweird@gmail.com